Drone applications in the maritime industry

When will enclosed space inspection by drones become an accepted practice in maritime and offshore operations? 


Netherlands 02-09-2019 / 09:00:00am - 02-09-2019 / 05:00:00pm
Workshop: Drone applications in the maritime industry

When will enclosed space inspection by drones become an accepted practice in maritime and offshore operations? Join the international workshop on September 2nd to gain more knowledge on the use of drones in the maritime sector.


Netherlands 02-09-2019 / 01:00:00pm - 02-09-2019 / 05:00:00pm
Donsö Shipping Meet

Every other year, delegates from all over the world gather on the island of Donsö, in the southern part of the Gothenburg archipelago eager to discuss shipping and shipping-related topics..

Sweden 03-09-2019 / 09:00:00am - 04-09-2019 / 06:00:00pm
The 1st Seaweed Applications Conference

The 1st Seaweed Applications conference hosted by SINTEF and NTNU aims to offer an exciting programme of presentations from leading researchers and industries, and social discussions and networking in the beautiful surroundings of the Trondheim Fjord.

Central topics:


Norway 04-09-2019 / 08:00:00am - 06-09-2019 / 05:00:00pm
EMODnet Open Sea Lab II: hackathon

Are you a Coder? Communicator? Data enthusiast? Or Entrepreneur?.

Belgium 04-09-2019 / 09:00:00am - 06-09-2019 / 05:00:00pm
Workshop on Verification and Validation for Offshore Robotics

This workshop aims to provide an overview of the Verification and Validation (V&V) techniques that might be used to increase reliability, safety, and certifiability of software-intensive robotic systems, especially as they are to increasingly (a) be deployed in hazardous environments, (b) be .

UK 04-09-2019 / 09:30:00am - 04-09-2019 / 12:30:00pm
Nordic Innovation Mobility Mission: Information and Matchmaking

The Nordic Innovation Mobility Mission: Sea Meets Land will be an information and matchmaking meeting, held at Danske Rederier's offices in Copenhagen 5 September 2019..

Denmark 05-09-2019 / 10:00:00am - 05-09-2019 / 04:00:00pm
New blue markets: opportunities, challenges and solutions

Sørlandets Europakontor (South-Norway), in partnership with GCE NODE, have received funding from Innovation Norway to develop the project "Platform for new blue markets (PNBM - as corresponds to the Norwegian name)"..

Norway 12-09-2019 / 09:00:00am - 12-09-2019 / 04:00:00pm
Seagriculture 2019

8th International Seaweed Conference - "Seaweed Success Stories"


Belgium 25-09-2019 / 09:00:00am - 26-09-2019 / 05:00:00pm
OPIN Annual Symposium

The first OPIN Annual Symposium will be held on September 30, 2019, in the Convention Centre in Dublin. The event will coincide with the Ocean Energy Europe Conference which will also be held in the Convention Centre between September 30 and October 1.


EU / EEA 30-09-2019 / 09:00:00am - 30-09-2019 / 05:00:00pm
Ocean Energy Europe 2019

OEE2019 is the most prominent ocean energy event in the world this year, organised by Ocean Energy Europe, the leading EU industry association representing the sector in Europe. 


EU / EEA 30-09-2019 / 09:00:00am - 01-10-2019 / 05:00:00pm
Aquaculture Europe 2019

In 2019, the theme of Aquaculture Europe is “Our future – growing from water”. The aquaculture sector nourishes and stimulates life in water in all its ways, and thereby holds the potential to overcome many of the challenges our society faces..

Germany 07-10-2019 / 09:00:00am - 10-10-2019 / 05:00:00pm
Offshore Wind Scotland presents: Cables

Guest presenters from industry will join the Carbon Trust, Scottish Enterprise and the Offshore Renewable Energy Catapult to share their views on cables for Offshore Wind.


UK 09-10-2019 / 09:30:00am - 09-10-2019 / 02:30:00pm
Our Ocean 2019

By invitation only.

Norway 23-10-2019 / 09:00:00am - 24-10-2019 / 05:00:00pm

From 5 - 8 November 2019 Europort, organised in the world port city of Rotterdam, will be the leading exhibition for special purpose vessels. Europort is thé business hub for the maritime sector, as the event focuses on specialised ships and the smart solutions which drive success. With 27,000 pr.

Netherlands 05-11-2019 / 08:00:00am - 08-11-2019 / 06:00:00pm
Periscope Forum 2019

Join us explore global leadership in the blue economy in Brussels on 5 November, 2019..

Belgium 05-11-2019 / 09:00:00am - 05-11-2019 / 06:00:00pm
Energy B2B at EfB Konference

Save the date.

Denmark 07-11-2019 / 08:00:00am - 07-11-2019 / 06:00:00pm
Where industry meets academia - MTEC & ICMASS 2019

Registration opens June 2019.

Norway 13-11-2019 / 08:00:00am - 14-11-2019 / 06:00:00pm
Sustainable Ocean Summit

Sustainable Ocean Summit - Investing in Ocean Futures: Finance and Innovation for the Blue Economy.

EU / EEA 20-11-2019 / 08:00:00am - 22-11-2019 / 06:00:00pm
7th Sustainable Ocean Summit (SOS)

SOS – the annual gathering of the global ocean business community dedicated to advancing private sector action on ocean sustainable development, organized by WOC – the global Blue Economy Business Organization..

EU / EEA 20-11-2019 / 09:00:00am - 22-11-2019 / 05:00:00pm
WindEurope Offshore 2019

The WindEurope Offshore conference is the leading-edge, international conference for the offshore wind industry.

Denmark 26-11-2019 / 08:00:00am - 28-11-2019 / 06:00:00pm
How to utilise ocean data collected from smart sensor networks

Systematic collection of high-quality data is key to achieve well informed decisions..

Sweden 27-11-2019 / 09:00:00am - 28-11-2019 / 05:00:00pm

Every year the European algae scene meets at the AlgaEurope conference. .

EU / EEA 03-12-2019 / 09:00:00am - 05-12-2019 / 05:00:00pm
Seafood Expo Global

Seafood Expo Global/Seafood Processing Global is the world’s largest seafood trade event. More than 26,000 buyers, suppliers, media, and other seafood professionals from more than 140 countries visit the exposition..

Belgium 21-04-2020 / 09:00:00am - 23-04-2020 / 05:00:00pm