Wind energy is on a steady rise and could be instrumental in reaching the climate-goals set out for 2050. Continued technological development, combined with sound pol

The Global Wind Report looks at a number of key challenges required to accelerate the rate of wind energy insta

Wood Mackenzie's Foresight 20/20 offers a full analysis of onshore and

This report summarises construction and financing activity in European offshore wind farms from 1 January to 31 December 2019.

Ice accumulation on offshore wind turbine blades can result in a loss of up to 50% of annual energy production.[1] Ice build up compromises blade aerodynamics and lead

80% of the global wind resources are located offshore in deep waters (60+ meters) where traditional seabed-fixed installations are not suitable.[1] These areas will be

In Europe, 65 offshore wind parks will need to be re-powered, upgraded, or decommissioned, in the next 20 years.[1] The first decommissioning project began in 2016, an