Between 2011 and 2018, 92 out of 298 people who fell overboard in EU waters died.[1] Survival chances depend on detection, response method, water temperature, and luck

A particular pain point in shipping is that vessels need specific documents delivered to ports before they arrive.

Every year people die inspecting enclosed spaces. These spaces can contain depleted oxygen levels, toxic gases, and/or material otherwise unsafe for humans.

Aerial drones are increasing in applicability, and are already used for structural inspections of offshore platforms and wind farms.[1,2,3] Their integration and modul

Large ships are inspected and cleaned every 4-5 years and painted every 8-10 years, in order to improve vessel performance and to demonstrate owners' commitment to saf

Robotica in Maintenance Strategies (RIMS) carry out visual inspections of assets by drones, both internal and ex