Sediment builds up in canals and ports, and so this underwater infrastructure needs to be continuously dredged to required depths.

Deep sea mining is expected to grow 37% annually, from $650mn in 2020 to $15.3bn by 2030.[1] Hydrothermal vents on the ocean floor are chimney-like structures where un

Communication from the depths of the seas currently requires a cable connection or acoustic transmission.

In the North Sea approximately 2000 wells are planned to be permanently plugged and abandoned in the upcoming decade.[1] The industry is already closing more sites tha

Europe is currently the largest market for offshore decommissioning with the majority of this activity taking place in the North Sea.[1] In the North Sea approximately

The total capacity of the offshore wind sector in Europe grew by 18% in 2018 alone.[1] The prospect of larger turbines and deeper waters present a challenge to the cur

Norway is one of the leading ocean economies in the world today. The Norwegian Government regards the maritime industry as a priority sector.