Subsidy type
Subsidy value per project (max)
€ 50.001 - 200.000
Target groups
Subsidy scope
Product / service development
Process development
Machines & production equipment
Buildings & infrastructure
Automation, robotics

This scheme is aimed at strategic commercial cooperation projects that focus on developing new business areas and market opportunities abroad or in Norway.

The program is aimed at small and medium-sized businesses with established economic activities and growth ambitions, in all industries, industries and regions. Businesses must have sound economy, shared interests and desire to realize their growth potential through strategic collaboration with other companies in networks.

The network can consist of three or more Norwegian small and medium-sized enterprises, which are registered in Norway. In addition, large companies can be included in the network, although not with a dominant role.

Transnational dimension

Companies from abroad can be included in the network. Collaboration can take place vertically along a value chain or horizontally within, or across, industries and sectors. There is no requirement for companies to be located in the same region.

Programme operator
Innovation Norway