DEEP DIVE Remote and Autonomous Systems Opportunities in the Offshore and Subsea Energy Sector

The Offshore Renewable Energy (ORE) sector can be considered to have been slow to react and consider how autonomous systems could support offshore operations with the sector remaining intensely dependent on human intervention across all project stages from site assessment and installation through to operations & maintenance and decommissioning.

The evolving convergence of robotics into key functions within the ORE sector will also likely be undertaken via a progression from semi to full persistent autonomy. This offers the opportunity to revolutionise O&M functions for example, creating new business models throughout the lifecycle of ORE systems. On the technology side, historically autonomous systems were limited to the experimental use of small surface platforms (gliders) to collect environmental and resource data.

There is increasing recognition that RAS will have a huge part to play in helping the offshore wind, wave and tidal sectors meet cost reduction, production and productivity targets. This emerging technology area has the potential to create gains in all areas of offshore renewables. This Periscope Network report focuses on offshore wind as the predominant market opportunity in the offshore energy sector, but many requirements and opportunities identified are transferrable to the development of other marine energy technologies as their markets mature. 

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By Martine Farstad