Key trends and statistics 2019

The annual report “Key Trends and Statistics 2019” of Ocean Energy Europe shows that the offshore renewable energy such as tidal stream and wave energy had solid growth in 2019. 

Tidal stream in Europe moved up a gear

European tidal stream activity had less deployed capacity in 2019 than in 2018. Only 1.52 MW were deployed due to the preparation of multi-device projects. However, this didn’t affect the cumulative capacity of this type of energy.  27.7 MW has been deployed in Europe since 2010.

France and the United Kingdom were the most popular places to develop tidal stream projects during 2019. Developers preferred these two locations because of competitive test facilities with grid connection and potential for scaling-up. 

During 2019 the electricity production went up by 50%. The European tidal stream sector exported approximately 15 GWh, which powered around 4,000 households.

Wave energy grows at slower pace

During 2019, 603 KW were installed in Europe, 25% over the last year’s capacity. The majority of the devices are grid-connected. Wave’s energy cumulative capacity grows steadily over the last five years. 11.8 MW have been installed in Europe since 2010. Wave device installations were spread along the Atlantic coast from Portugal to Scotland. 

North America and China are moving fast to catch up with Europe in tidal stream and wave energy

Competitors have been investing in revenue support systems targeted at tidal stream projects. Both China and the USA have dedicated significant governmental budget to the ocean energy development. Both governments have encouraged several domestic wave energy developers to test their projects.

Ocean energy will be propelled in 2020

Tidal Stream

  • Europe will continue to lead tidal stream with 3.4 MW deployments.
  • New installations with 1.8 MW tidal stream capacity will be added to the global total.

Wave energy

  • Europe will deploy 3 MW.
  • China, USA and Australia will deploy 1.2 MW of wave energy capacity to the global total.

By Maria Paula Ar…