Cruise ship inspection swarms

Vessel inspections are a regular part of a ship’s operation, undertaken as frequently as every six months.[1] Inspections cover the entire ship, from the bridge to the deck and accommodation areas, and the engine room.[2,3] The vast majority of these inspections are currently executed manually, are time consuming, and cost between $1.500 and $14.500, depending on ship type and size.[4]

Equipped with cameras and sensors, drones are already being used for vessel inspections, for example inspecting cargo holds and vessel hulls.[5] An autonomous swarm of small drones could maneuver flexibly and provide pictures of hard-to-reach areas.[6,7] Moreover, drones, operating concurrently, would speed up the inspection of the ship, and the data files can be post-processed using machine learning algorithms, reducing costs.[7]

When will it become accepted practice that drone swarms are used for vessel inspections?

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By Matthew J. Spaniol