Offshore maintenance drones

Aerial drones are increasing in applicability, and are already used for structural inspections of offshore platforms and wind farms.[1,2,3] Their integration and modularization with more advanced tools will allow them to perform increasingly sophisticated maintenance and repair jobs in difficult-to-reach places. Robotic maintenance by drones will reduce costs, increase safety, and enhance servicing efforts.[4]

The drones and robotics market is undergoing tremendous growth, with an estimated market forecast to reach $81.4bn by 2022.[5] In the next 3 to 5 years, the oil and gas industry is planning to double its investment portfolio in drones and robotics, from 15% to 28%.[5] Drones are already incorporating light-weight components, such as radars, cameras, magnetometers, as well as instruments that measure light penetration, wind, and temperature.[1]

In order to perform routine maintenance and repair tasks, drones will need to be combined with heavier tools, such as cutting arms, precision grinders, manipulators, and/or welding equipment. Accommodating for the weight and providing the required power for tools onto aerial drones remains a challenge for their application.

When will it become accepted practice that drones will be maintaining and repairing offshore installations?

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By Matthew J. Spaniol