Smart cabins on cruise ships

Acknowledging the challenging situation resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, activity in the cruise sector has increased significantly over the previous decades. Whereas novel applications of digital solutions to improve the user experience are unfolding in different human environments (f.ex. In retirement homes, hotels, and smart homes), cruise ships provide a controlled environment in which data could be generated on a more intense basis. The change is driven by connectivity, software architecture, sensor networks, reasoning algorithms and smart technology. The global market size for the Internet of Things alone is expected to increase from $212bn in 2018 to $1,319bn by 2026. [1]

Data based on passenger behaviour can be used to optimize vessel performance, and staff and crew operations, and maximize passenger experience. [2] By mapping the status of each passengers’ circadian rhythm and linking that to onboard and onshore itinerary pathways, predictive algorithms could anticipate passenger needs, motivations, behaviour, and transactions. Smart cruises can tailor settings and services, and help passengers co-create their environment based on their location, health, and wellbeing status.

Current capabilities have guests adjusting lights, opening blinds, turning on the A/C, and setting music and managing playlists as they react to their environment. [3] Virtual cruise assistants could suggest and implement changes in anticipation to passenger needs, and be ready to answer any questions, fulfill requests, and execute service delivery orders. [4]

When will predictive analytics be used onboard cruise ships?

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By Matthew J. Spaniol