Solar-powered charging vessel

The electrification of the seas requires energy sources in remote places. Solar-powered vessels will be able to provide charging services that enable increased speeds and radii for other electrified vessels.

The efficiency of photovoltaic cells has improved exponentially since their invention.[1] The lower costs of materials and advanced production techniques makes the price-performance ratio of solar technologies competitive to rival energy sources.[2]

Solar-powered vessels can already reach a speed of 20 knots, the speed needed to pull-up alongside of a typical ocean-going vessel.[2] Challenges remain to the effectiveness of the solar cells to generate enough electricity and store it for recharging vessels, as well as the systems needed to connect and transfer electricity across vessels.

When will solar-powered vessels be used to recharge the batteries of other vessels in the North Sea?

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More information:
Kenning, T. (2018), Sunseap to build 5MW offshore floating solar project near Singapore

By Matthew J. Spaniol