Maritime 2050 – Navigating in the future – People Route Map


Maritime 2050 - Navigating the future - People Route Map is the long-term strategy for the UK maritime sector which provides a high-level perspective for the coming 30 years. The strategy sets the people in the center as a key component for its implementation. 

In general terms, the maritime industry contributes £14.5 billion (GVA) to the UK economy and provides approximately 186,000 jobs. The seaports sector employs over 100,000 people and handles around 95% of all goods that enter and leave the UK. It directly contributes £7.6bn to the economy.

The industry reports a shortage of seafarers and engineers with the right skills. This is due to several factors such as aging workforce, specialized roles, competition from other sectors that have better salaries, and work conditions and a lack of diversity.  Also, there is high concern and doubt from the seafarers. They are afraid of losing their jobs when implementing new technologies, such as autonomous vessels. 

Taking into consideration this situation, Maritime 2050 proposes to focus on 5 specific areas:

  • Inspiring people 
  • Expanding the talent pool 
  • Skills and training 
  • Career progression 
  • Working conditions and employment and social rights 

Each of the five specific areas are implemented in practical plans. One of the most important solutions established by the strategy is the Maritime Skills Commission (MSC). This entity acts as the central body, led by maritime industry experts, that will report on the existing and future skills needed for the industry on a 5-years cycle. 

The strategy encourages the take-up of emerging technologies in the maritime sector, e.g. autonomous systems and connectivity at sea, next to upgrading the skills of the workforce. This can mitigate risks, increase safety and security, limit exposure to dangerous situations, provide the basis for more flexible working conditions, increase shore-based operations and generate high-skilled jobs.


By Maria Paula Ar…