UK Clean Maritime Plan

The Clean Maritime Plan is the climate roadmap for taking the maritime sector in the UK towards zero emissions. It is related to the strategic vision Maritime 2050, the UK´s ambitions for the future maritime sector.

The UK has ambitions to become a world leader in blue growth and climate-friendly shipping. Maritime 2050 and Clean Maritime Plan facilitate high economic activity and profitability by being at the forefront of innovation and new development. Emission-free shipping and offshore operations are central to this investment. Therefore, the government will secure investments for the industry's further development and innovation.

Both the Maritime 2050 and the Clean Maritime Plan are about future opportunities, according to a study by the UK government, it is estimated that the economic benefits of 11 maritime environmental measures could amount to 650 – 890 million pounds every year in the period around 2050.

The vision assumes that by 2025, all vessels operating in UK waters will use alternative, clean energy sources or be completely zero-emission vessels. It is also expected that in 2025 there will be pure maritime clusters with focus on innovation and infrastructure related to zero-emission propulsion technologies.

By 2035, it is assumed that the United Kingdom has achieved the goals mentioned above and expanded beyond. It is further assumed that the UK will be a global leader in clean shipping, is home to a world-leading maritime sector in zero emissions with a strong export industry, pioneering in research and development, and is the global center for investment, research and legal advice related to clean maritime growth.

The Clean Maritime Plan contains a national plan of action to take the British maritime sector towards the above-mentioned goals. The plan consists of a number of measures, which challenge stakeholders, both public and private. If successful, the rewards come in the form of economic growth and technological progress.

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By Stig Kristian …