Blue Growth Support The Netherlands

The Netherlands has been able to build a strong maritime position in the world, thanks in part to its strategic location at the mouth of the Meuse, Rhine and Scheldt. In some sectors the Netherlands is global market leader. This includes seaports, maritime and logistics infrastructure, offshore, hydraulic engineering, transport of heavy cargo and construction of super yachts. In 2013, the maritime cluster employs around 224.000 people with some 12.000 companies and realized a total added value of € 21 billion. That is 3.3% of the GDP of the Netherlands. (Rijksoverheid, 2015)

The Dutch maritime strategy 2015‐2025 offers an integral framework for the government‐wide policy for the maritime cluster The strategy places an emphasis on six cluster wide policy areas including human capital, innovation, trade, accessibility, safety and the environment and security and stability. (Rijksoverheid, 2015)

By Stig Marthinsen