Alkit Communications - wireless realtime big data analytics framework

Alkit Communications AB is a Swedish R&D company focusing on the collection of realtime data streams, data analytics and presentation of analytics results. The goal of the company is to provide advanced distributed IT solutions to enterprises and public services, and the portfolio includes systems and services for automotive telematics, applications for e-health, platforms for distributed collaborative work and video-mediated communication.

The fifteen fulltime employees at Alkit Communications AB are focused on the development of new methods for collecting realtime data in diverse telematic environments, on the analysis of collected data and on the presentation of the results from the analysis. “Our platform is composed of three interconnected parts: the data capture part; the data analytics par, which includes data mining and cloud computing; finally, the presentation part, which includes data sharing, entry to knowledge bases and collaboration to deliver as good as possible foundation for decisionmaking. These parts can all be adapted to the unique user requirements that each company have and the purpose of collecting data,” Håkan Sparrman, CMO of Alkit Communications, explains. Thus, all organisations able to use data to improve business and manufacturing processes, or for improving decisionmaking processes can use Alkit’s platform. “Our development of software and strategies has coincided well with the needs and requirements from the automotive industry and the maritime energy industries, and we have been successful in adapting our software to new customer specifications,” he continues.

Digitisation, automation and AI drivers

Håkan Sparrman points out that global trends such as digitisation, automation, machine learning, artificial intelligence, cloud computing and cloud storage have made their solution possible. These trends, combined with the development and expansion of high capacity mobile networks and sensor systems, have created market opportunities for Alkit’s solutions. “The universal trend in everyday life is the growing usage of automation and the appliance of machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI). We see this in telecommunication, finance, transportation, industry etc. A key factor for successful development of these processes is a stable, flexible and scalable collecting system of reliable measurement data to input for ML and AI. With Alkits WICE platform data can be collected in real time from a machine part in operation and studied for product development or predictive maintenance for instance,” he continues.

Uses all the collected data 

Most systems on the market collect a great amount of data, however, only a representative selection of data from the database is used for analysis. Alkit Communications framework, on the other hand, uses all of the collected data, verified as reliable for the analysis, thus providing a high quality of information for decision making,” Håkan Sparrman explains. More complex conditions can be monitored by Alkits WICE platform, depending on available sophisticated sensor system for collecting real-time data.

Real-time monitoring of digital signals

Alkit’s competitive advantage is that much of its telematic platform is being developed in cooperation with the automotive industry and is being used for real-time monitoring of digital signals and fleet management of vehicles on a global basis. Hence, the platform is constructed to be highly scalable and rugged to enable usage in various situations all over the world. Additionally, the communication is encrypted end to end, and the data is protected by two-factor authentication. Furthermore, the data collecting can be done by mobile and wireless networks, and the platform is accessible 24/7. “Typically goals and benefits of using real time tools, like Alkit WICE, for data collecting are supporting knowledge driven product development; shortening development cycles by providing ubiquitous access to reliable data from products in operation; improving product quality by finding faults earlier through online diagnostics and analytics services in products and services in operation; promoting data driven innovation by use of machine learning and AI; and promoting development of autonomous processes in emerging new business intelligence systems,” Håkan Sparrman explains.

Projects resulted in commercial solutions

By participating in several IT related research projects, Alkit Communications AB has accumulated experiences of advanced ground-breaking software development in communications and telematics. Based on the outcomes from the R&D projects, the company developed software components and solutions which now constitutes the company’s commercial offering. “Our platform is still being developed, with releases of new functionality continuously during the year,” Håkan Sparrman reveals.

Showing proof of concept

According to Håkan Sparrman, it is not uncommon that decision makers and people in general expresses fears of changing traditional ways of doing things. The fears are often related to financial, manufacturing, HR and other issues. Alkit is seeking to diminish these fears by inviting potential users to become partners in projects showing proof of concept as well as being successful examples of using these new services in old and new markets. “The work continues to find new partners and new processes that can be improved by using our solutions,” he says. For Alkit Communications it is essential to find partners and taking part in public calls with the right orientation and requirements.

By Martine Farstad