Wish to be in the Spotlight?

If you have an innovative business idea, an interesting company with a lot of potential, or a great project within the field of Blue Growth, let us know!

As PERISCOPE is a blue growth innovation eco system, the spotlight section is a great way to show off your idea and business to become more visible within the blue growth industry. This makes it a great opportunity to connect with possible future partners, as businesses and researches within the field can read about your innovation.

We typically do an interview about the innovation and company’s purpose, and how you came up with the idea. What we are interested in knowing are your technological challenges or market opportunities, your barriers to market entry and how you overcome them, your competitive advantage, recent trends that make your solution possible, what the next phase is and what do you need to achieve your goals. This is also interesting information for potential partners. Not everyone can answer all questions, and that is not a problem.

If this sounds interesting, do not hesitate to contact us!

Contact person:

Martine Farstad,

South Norway European Office


By Martine Farstad